Sunday Meetings

Each Sunday starts the week out with the reminder that we are family together in Christ. "For both He who sanctifies [God] and those who are sanctified [Christians] are all from one Father..." (Hebrews 2:11 NAS) We want to experience together the "reunion" of God's Family. So we have singing (and everybody, including children, can choose the songs we sing). We have sharing about what God is doing in our lives.. We have announcements and a celebration of birthdays. All in all, this mini-reunion which we call "Family Time" is a chance to laugh together, cry together, share together, just like a real family. After the Family Time, we take a short break to grab a snack and say hello, to use the restroom or just plain catch our breath -- and then we begin our "Teaching Time".

We want to learn more about our relationship with Jesus and His Church, which is why we have what we call our "Teaching Time". We take God's Word very seriously. We have easy to understand teaching with outlines on which to follow along as we delve into God's Word together.

The purpose of our Teaching Time is practical application. At New Covenant Fellowship, we want all our members educated about living the Christian life. We want them to learn about their relationship with Jesus Christ, and His with them. We want them to learn to be victorious against the pressures of temptation, against the trickery of the devil and against the hostility of an unbelieving world. We want them to learn the unfathomable riches of resources that they have through the Holy Spirit. We want them to avoid the dangers of spiritual ignorance and to grow up in Christ. This requires regular practical application, giving members the how-to's of the Christian Life. We are committed to offering that in our Teaching Time.

Our small group meetings -- Community Groups

We call our small group meetings "Community Groups". A Community Group is a group of people, small in number that meets on a routine basis -- both formally and informally -- with an objective of establishing and cultivating meaningful relationships toward a lifestyle of fellowship.

What happens during group meetings? All kinds of things: personal sharing and support, spiritual gift use, singing, often an interactive game, prayer and worship -- all aimed at the deepening our Christian relationships.